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HOW TO WAKE UP EARLY - real easy

HOW TO WAKE UP EARLY - real easy

I’ve been struggle to wake up early for a long time, and while the consequence i faced is pretty mild, like forget to bring name tag to office since i have to rush or even arrive late to the office. not like it affect my performance during work but the more i arrive late the more guilt stacks up, and that’s not good.

if you are reading this, chance is you already try at least one method to make you wake up early, and fail, like me. My method was on wake up early was schedule a workout routine in the morning, i choose jogging on treadmill as my early morning routine. the treadmill is on second floor of my apartment and i live on 30th floor, very near. just one elevator ride and i arrive. For continuously five days i wake at 4.30 am then on day 6th i stopped the routine and feeling really really hate for waking up early. turns out early morning jogging, activities that i’m not very fond of, making me even more hate to wake up early, then ever before.

now that i learnt wake up early won’t work if it backed up with wrong motivation. i experimenting with some of activity that i like to build up motivation. First motivation i try is wake up early then play XBOX One, and it works but also didn’t works at the same time, it works because yes i manage to wake up at 4.30 with happy feeling and it didn’t work since i still late for work, you know… i take my time when playing game. So game is out of my activity list in the morning, and i then choose reading books as the early morning activity. I can tell you guys that reading a book is a success, for me at least. by reading a book i can build my concentration, feeling excited about what i read without getting so addicted that i lost count about the time i played.

i can tell you guys, when you fail to build your wake-up early routine, it has nothing to to with you lacking of motivation o discipline, and don’t let judge you like that. You just need a correct motivation, and since everyone is special the motivation will be different from one to another, after you find it you stick to it to build up your habit.

Currently with the right motivation, i can build up my early morning routine, almost everyday wake up at 4.30 am and it feels so good. i can do so much before getting to work, and never late to arrive at work is the best for me.

Here are my tips for you to build your habit to wake up early:

Find your motivation. find an activity that enjoyable for you, if you have no motive or activity that you didn’t enjoy to wake up, you will hate to wake up and continue your sleep. like me


Built your habit slowly. start by planning wake up at 6.00 am for one day a week, once you feel it became habit, improve it to 5.30 am for. two day a week and so on. and remember to never rush the process.


Sleep earlier if you plan to wake up early tomorrow morning. if you are like me, chance is most of the night you will have nothing to do after 10.00 pm beside watching TV or netflix and chill, or hitting that 24hr ramen joint (okay, maybe it’s just me that eating ramen after 9). and if that is correct, then i suggest you use that time to sleep early. sleep deprivation can hinder you from full advantage of waking up early. 


Put your alarm far enough from your bed. so it will allow you to walk from the bed to turn off the alarm, very very effective to prevent you to hit that snooze button and back to sleep.


Don’t do it every day. allow yourself, when it is possible like in the weekend, to sleep as long as you like and wake up as late as you prefer. think it as you cheat day or something like that. just don’t make it a habit

SCIENCE OF SLEEP - Sleep Better By Knowing How Sleep Works, also tips and medicine for you to sleep better

SCIENCE OF SLEEP - Sleep Better By Knowing How Sleep Works, also tips and medicine for you to sleep better